The Proprietor Proclaims

Pray Silence for the weekly announcement from our Dear Proprietor.

Greetings Cigar Enthusiasts!

What a week we have enjoyed with the current delights of very late summer and early autumn. The perfect temperature for your cigarden!

I recently acquired a new puppy and this has given me time to review again the best cigar to enjoy whilst walking the dog at night. You need something that lasts about twenty minutes to half an hour, so a Double Corona won't do the trick. If you pick something too big you either have to throw it out with a third of its life still left - cutting it off in its prime frankly, or run the gauntlet of wafting cigar smoke through the house and into the garden to finish it - which as we know carries even greater risks!

My personal favourite is the younger sibling of the Quai Dorsay 54 - the 50. Interestingly I find it slightly more powerful and it’s looser filling means it smokes in exactly the right time to walk around the block. This range of cigars is so versatile and consistent and I see more and more of them being smoked in lounges around the world. The 50 is also a great cigar to offer guests who are not committed enthusiasts, since they are light and the size and coffee colouring makes them less threatening to the uninitiated.

My new dog fulfils two key functions - she keep me fit and gives me the opportunity to enjoy a contemplative short cigar as I stroll. No wonder she is called man’s best friend!

Cigar-keep continues to go from strength to strength, thanks to you our members. The articles, videos and affiliates grow every day and the number of keeps stored in the meta verse expands at an exponential rate. 

Thank you to all of you who post and participate and I encourage you all to do more. Let’s see what you are smoking today and over the weekend please. It enlivens our lives to be part of your cigar ritual, we learn from each other, encourage further exploration into the fascinating world we all so enjoy and every post acts as an inspiration to us all. 

I missed the smokealong last week thanks to traffic jams, but I will be online at 4.30 UK time on Sunday and hope to meet as many of you as can find the time between dog walking and other activities, to join a group of like minded passionistas, to swap knowledge, cigar lore and general opinions on the world of the last great hobby!

Smoke responsibly and enjoy the weekend.