The Proprietor Addresses

For your weekly Audience, pray silence for The Proprietor...

Greetings cigar enthusiasts! I am currently in sunny Singapore enjoying the cigar scene here and I must say - what a bastion of civilisation. Plenty of good shops such as the boutique at the Four Season or The Cigar Divan - both offering excellent service to the travelling smoker.

I also popped into probably the greatest underground cigar club in the world. If you know it you will understand the extraordinary nature of the owner - never has such a range of pre Castro cigars been seen, and his hospitality is astounding.

But even the former Crown Colony is suffering from shortages - Cohiba all gone and no Trinidads - just like the world over. Never mind the collapse of crypto currencies - I am worried about The Great Cigar Shortage of 2022!

We are making constant changes and improvements to the site so do post your reviews and photos and message me or the team your ideas.

There is no such thing as a bad cigar and hence no such thing as a bad cigar smoker!

Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you this Sunday 4:30pm BST for our next live smoke meet.