SWISSCAVE: Luxury Cigar Storage

What could be nicer than ending the day in the right atmosphere with a good cigar? For an aficionado, cigars mean quality of life. But cigars are a delicate luxury product that needs to be stored and preserved professionally. Only then will the aromas of the cigar be preserved and can even develop further. For this reason, a SWISSCAVE humidor is indispensable for cigar lovers. Use code CIGARKEEP10 at for a special Cigar Keep 10% off price at checkout (excludes services).

Why is a humidor so important for storing cigars?

Cigars retain their quality best at a temperature between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius and humidity of around 70%. However, since these conditions rarely persist in a “natural’ way, cigar lovers should use a humidor to store their cigars. The word humidor has its origins in the Latin word “humidus”, which means “damp”. This also gives an indication of the function of a humidor.

The compartments specially made for storing cigars ensure ideal storage conditions for cigars thanks to integrated humidification and temperature management. Mostly made of high-quality materials, humidors not only support the maturation and aroma of a cigar, they also protect the valuable contents from pests such as mites and tobacco beetles as well as environmental influences such as dirt or UV radiation.

How do humidors differ and what makes a good humidor?

Humidors are available in different designs and variants. Everyone is probably familiar with the classic wooden container that can be found on the desks of influential personalities in some films. This variant is often equipped with West Indian Cedar wood on the inside, as this type of wood has proven to be very beneficial for the ageing and aroma development of the cigars due to its moisture-regulating properties and its own taste. On the outside, these humidors are often inlaid with fine woods such as teak or mahogany and polished to a high gloss. Since this type of humidor is in most cases only passively humidified and has no temperature management, they are more suitable for making cigars available for enjoyment than for long-term storage and ageing.

Priority in humidors should be the quality of the microclimate conditions inside. A high-quality humidification system that regulates the humidity independently and module for controlling and measuring the temperature should be an integral part of a humidor in order to be able to store cigars appropriately over a longer period of time.

What makes a SWISSCAVE humidor so special?

A SWISSCAVE humidor combines a high-quality microclimate system with an aesthetically pleasing exterior to create to create an ideal home for your cigars. The temperature inside the SWISSCAVE humidors is regulated with the help of compressor-driven cooling system and integrated heating segment. In addition, an electronically controlled humidification module keeps the air humidity at a constant level.

SWISSCAVE humidors have been perfected over the years and are state-of-the-art. In the way, they ensure ideal storage conditions fully automatically. Inside, the cigar compartments are made of untreated Cedar wood, while the exterior design of the SWISSCAVE humidors impresses with high-quality workmanship and the choice of valuable materials.

Use code CIGARKEEP10 at for a special Cigar Keep 10% off price at checkout (excludes services).