Stick Exchange

Our latest, and perhaps most significant feature has arrived: the Stick Exchange. Through Cigar Keep, secondary-market trading is now something we can all take part in, and judging by some of the keeps on here, the potential bounty is substantial

Cigar Keep was founded on a simple premise, that across the luxury collectables world, there was something for every niche that allowed insight into the owner’s market. From watches to wine, whisky and cars, there are magazines and websites dedicated to giving visibility to the world outside the shop floor, except for...cigars. We happy-few have banded together to change that for the good, and at the centre of it all is the Stick Exchange.

Trading of cigars is something that by and large happens by chance. You meet a smoker in a cigar lounge and he happens to have what you are after, but these micro-transactions happen in isolation. We know that as cigar smokers, the ongoing shortage and inability to get the cigars we want is a constant frustration. The Stick Exchange is here to provide that extra layer of accessibility - after all, just because cigars are bought from a shop does not mean that they are smoked. We think Cigar Keep will revolutionise how readily people can have access to the cigars they want, and a cursory glance at what you, dear members, have in your Keeps would make Croesus jealous of the treasures therein.

What’s more, this is clearly not purely a whim of the Founders here at Cigar Keep, it is a much-requested service for collectors the world over. Ever since our first articles appeared, members have been communicating with one another: ‘might you be willing to trade your Siglo VI perchance’ via the site. We have simply built the first generation of the infrastructure to make this easier for you, dear member. The functionalities will evolve, so do let us know if they could be altered to make life easier for you. We are all in the same boat – with stock from Cuba so unpredictable and expensive, we want fair, honest and reliable trading opportunities for all, and we’re here to facilitate it.

Welcome to the Stick Exchange.

*Remember, the Stick Exchange is a platform and Cigar Keep does not directly sell or trade cigars.