Top 5 Short-Format Cigars to Brave the Elements With

While we wish you good weather all year round, we want you to be prepared should things take a turn for the rainy, here are the top five cigars for inclement episodes.

With cigar smokers forbidden the luxury of smoking indoors at most establishments, we brave the elements with cutter and lighter in hand, finding warmth from outdoor heaters and shelter from canopies undulating in the wind. With great pleasure can a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona or Ramon Allones Gigantes be smoked at home, likewise a certain degree of enjoyment can be derived from smoking an Entreacto size cigar outdoors. In England one can run the risk of frost-bitten fingers or acid-rain-drenched suits if the vitola of one’s cigar is too large and so smaller smokes with flavours of an equal potency I find more suitable for enjoying in the wilderness.

The Romeo y Julieta Petit Julieta, the smallest handmade, long filler cigar produced by the brand, is a cigar that flaunts its 30-ring gauge with great confidence. A size originally produced to be enjoyed during intervals or theatre productions but now more commonly smoked during ad breaks on the television. I find this to be a fine, medium flavour cigar that one can extract great pleasure from, despite ignition often taking place outside of the restaurant and in close proximity to the road.  Smoking areas are far from picturesque and so the 15 minutes of Havana that this cigar brings with it are always most welcome.

The El Rey del Mundo Demi-Tasse shares the dimensions of the aforementioned cigar and imparts the sweetness of cedar upon combustion. Development remains present, despite its microscopic measurements, with a deeper ‘woodiness’ as you the near band, followed by the inevitable hot smoke from the lighted end of a 30-ring gauge cigar nearing ones lips. The best bit! It gives me great relief to witness the return of both the Demi-Tasse and Choix Supreme to the uk Market after being unavailable for so long.

The Hoyo de Monterrey du Maire is a cigar for which I hold a deep affection. It is the first cigar I remember actively enjoying. I’m holding onto the last few remaining sticks (maybe twigs) lying on the bottom of a cabinet of 25 (fit for a doll’s house) dated 2005 which I daren’t smoke. The most moreish of Havana cigars, so much so I’ve hidden them away as I find it tempts fate just laying eyes on them. Sweet and smooth, rich and creamy, the best of the best! Sadly, younger specimens tend to lack the silkiness of these teenage examples but remain enjoyable cigars that come in an adorable little box.

Both the snake-hipped Montecristo Joyita and Cohiba Panatela, released under the Vitola de Galera Laguito no.3, vaunt a 26 ring gauge and extend no further in length than 115mm. The Cohiba is a hugely flavourful cigar although deemed a foolish acquisition when a Vegas Robaina Famosos can be picked up for a price not all that dissimilar. The Montecristo, however, is far more reasonable and of a surprising medium body. Make sure to pick up an example on the firmer side as underfilled sticks lack the buttery profile I find unique to this vitola inside of the portfolio.

The purpose of these cigars is to deliver enjoyment when time is limited and conditions outdoors far from ideal. Whether it be during a thunderstorm or hurricane, 15 minutes can always be found to enjoy an Entreacto or Laguito No.3.