New & Lingwood: Gentlemen's Outfitters

New & Lingwood is something of an enigma. In theory this is the kind of brand that, without enigmatic leadership and product, could have disappeared into the Valhalla of the well-dressed. But if you’re that kind of brand, you don’t open brand new stores on Chiltern Street, as New & Lingwood did this year, as a last roll of the dice. You do it because all signs point to the positive.

This self-assurance could be down to their age and heritage. They have been dressing the well-heeled for over a century and their location on Piccadilly Arcade is very much in line with the brand's sophistication and charm. They are outfitters of the highest order, and also the most colourful. New & Lingwood is not an abashed marque, it is enormously confident in itself and this is most evident in their smoking apparel. 

For the sake of convenience, I include the new plus ultra dressing gowns they make which bear a Renaissance extravagance that is completely delicious and hard to resist. Worn over a dinner suit as a robe de chambre, it is both practical and a leading talking point in the post-prandial activities.

Velvet smoking jackets are always on offer at New & Lingwood and for the more modest dresser, this could be a good alternative to the dressing gowns, just get one with frogging. 

We don’t see enough smoking caps on offer these days and if you’re wanting to find an example of the decline of civilisation then this is prima facie evidence. New & Lingwood to the rescue again. This is an indulgent garment but matched with a gown, you’ll feel the world put to rights as you light up a Ramon Allones Gigantes. 

Ensembles are important when putting a look together and one shouldn’t relax into smoking after with capped-toe oxfords or patent leather dress shoes. Pumps or velvet slippers are much more appropriate and New & Lingwood have always placed great importance on footwear. Indeed it was the old site for George Cleverley and at one point did full bespoke.

Delving into the breadth of New & Lingwood’s offering is a much longer essay. Ideally, as part of the cigar community, these items are enough to amuse your bouche and ideally, wear them to the next Cigar Keep gathering.

View New & Lingwood's full range here.