Exciting News From Cigar-Keep!

Dear Friends and Fellow Aficionados,

It is with much excitement - and naturally a great sense of responsibility - that I share with you the news that the reins of Cigar-Keep.com have, as of this month, been passed on to me from our beloved and hugely respected TheProprietor. As I know that many of you have grown concerned about the lack of activity the past several months, rest assured that this marks the beginning of a new chapter of activity and excitement here at Cigar Keep!

As one of the first members and Ambassadors of this remarkable community, I have always regarded Cigar Keep as an enduring haven where one can genuinely seek out and find a shared passion and understanding amongst true connoisseurs.

It is, therefore, a profound honor to assume the helm for the next stage of Cigar Keep’s development, and I shall certainly strive to bring all of my energy and creative vigor to the role as I humbly embark upon this stewardship.  

Most happily, I can assure you that our esteemed Tom Chamberlin will maintain his immensely significant involvement, helping to ensure that Cigar Keep continues to foster an environment brimming with rich content, enlightening discussions, and superb camaraderie, as we delve ever-deeper into the intriguing world of premium Cuban cigars. 

I would, however, also like to emphasize that, as individual members, your own unique ideas are - and always will be - very much welcomed and appreciated; indeed, I regard your valuable input as absolutely essential to the general shaping of our community's ongoing direction. I hope that as we go forward, we see greater involvement from our members in the creation of content! 

With this in mind, I cordially and sincerely invite each of you to reach out to me at any time with your thoughts, insights and suggestions. 

To make a start on this right away, I am hosting two Zoom smoking sessions which are, of course, open to all members. The first of these will be held on: 

Tuesday, July 18

Session 1: 2:00 PM CST (8:00 PM GMT) [LINK]

Session 2: 8:00 PM CST [LINK]

I do so hope you will be able to join me as we begin, together, to chart the future course of this beautiful website over the shared pleasure of a favorite cigar - further cultivating this fantastic sanctuary where the love for Cuban cigars is cherished, and where we learn from one another, whilst creating lasting memories and forging wonderful new friendships. 

I graciously and profoundly thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. 

Here's to new beginnings!

Yours in camaraderie,

Kirby Allison