Dispatch from Havana

Here at Cigar Keep we eagerly await the arrival of the new line of Romeo y Julieta cigars to the UK market. The is the first time since the birth of the brand in 1875 that the marque has introduced a ‘sub-brand’ to the portfolio.

The Linea de Oro consists of three vitolas, all boasting rather substantial ring gauges (certainly by my standards, maybe not so much by today’s). The Dianas (52x145mm), Hidalgos (57x125mm) and Nobles (56x135mm) sparkle in the light of the smoking room, somewhat overdressed in their gold foot bands and anillas, upon which are embossed the brand’s name and vitola of the cigar.

As these are three entirely new sizes, the Vitola de Salida of the Nobles is Triangulares and the remaining two other cigars are Vitola de Galera. I had the pleasure of smoking the Dianas days after its release at the Habanos Festival in 2020 and very much look forward to revisiting it, as well as introducing myself to the two other vitolas in the line.