Cigar Of The Week: Cedros De Luxe

This week Max Foulkes has chosen the Romeo y Julieta, Cedros de Luxe as his cigar of the week, read on to find out why.

Despite my truculent, often vitriolic criticism of current Romeo y Julieta production, the Cedros de Luxe seems to preserve the quality I’ve come to expect from one of Cuba’s older brands. Despite the Churchill line maintaining the agreeably consistent construction of the marque, I find the blend uninspiring. The same can be said for the Linea de Oro, much milder than the medium to full bodied title bestowed upon it.

The Cedros de Luxe No.1, a Cervantes in Cuba (42x6 ½) and a Lonsdale to connoisseurs the world over, was discontinued in 2017 but remains my preferred format through which to enjoy the blend. Close to a Cazadores but not quite a Dalia, this Vitola furnishes me with an hour’s entertainment, not distracting me from life but instead furthering my enjoyment of it. The sweetness of cedar settles upon the lips while the richness of dates coats the palate.

For those of you with a partiality towards a wider gauge, the Cedros de Luxe La Casa del Habano Exclusivo (Gordita 50x5 ½) provides an experience not all that dissimilar but is far from the authentic way in which to luxuriate in these fine flavours , having only been set fire to for the first time in 2015. If you feel at all inclined to reacquaint yourself with the line, I’d highly recommend the No.2 or No.3, available in most tobacconists… good or bad.

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