Cigar Of Whe Week: Punch Punch

This week Max Foulkes has chosen the Punch Punch cigar as his cigar of the week, read on to find out why.

In the mid 19th century a cigar brand was created with an eye to the prospering British market where a comical magazine of the same name was much in vogue. Punch has been a favourite of mine since the beginning of my smoking career. It upset me to find myself somewhat neglecting the line recently. After having rediscovered the punch ‘Petit’ and ‘Full Size’ Coronations, an evening was well spent reacquainting myself with the Ninfas’ refined delivery of smoke and the Royal Seleccion No.11s band-less complexion. The Double Corona, in true Cuban spirit, is soon to be discontinued and the Churchill is no more… but there is one cigar that has persevered, a pre-1960 release that’s production I doubt will ever cease, a cigar so nice they named it thrice, the Punch Punch Punch.

Being one of the five remaining Coronas Gordas that’s productions is being continued as standard (perhaps not at this very moment in time) the Punch Punch finds itself in an awkward position, not fat enough to be desirable nor thin enough to be unpopular. This statement will of course leave no doubt in your mind that this is indeed my ‘Cigar of the Week’. By most people’s standards an unusual choice, curious as to whether I haven’t chosen an Epicure No.1, Cohiba Siglo IV, perhaps a Magnum 46… the Punch Punch is the embodiment of medium body while others tend to waver between light/medium and medium/full. Remarkably consistent for a Cuban and fantastic value for money. Very much worthy of being this week’s, next week’s and the week after’s cigar of choice.

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