An Ambassador Speaks

Cigar Keep's global community requires legendary figures from all over the world to join us in spreading the news and championing the cause of togetherness. This time we speak to our latest ambassador, Maverick.

1. What kickstarted your passion for cigars? 

A chance moment in my youth...

"What are they doing? Important, powerful and super busy gentlemen. Seriously, they are setting up the table themselves, placing these beautiful ashtrays, knives, blades (cutters) and unusal burning instruments (cedar sticks, lighters, matches etc). Why are the helpers forbidden from entering?

Why do they look so happy sniffing a box of cigars? Why do they get excited with a new box? They discuss it with the intensity and passion of a business acquisition.  They meet at least twice a week and do the same thing. Happy excited men. (normally quite stern, I’d say)

It’s not a business meeting, nothing about their conversation is serious, so why are they here? Can’t be, that they just meeting to smoke a cigar?"

At that was it for me. A teen's curiosity lead to a lifetime passion and love for, as they call it, a Cuban Dessert.

2. What is your favourite cigar?

Being a cigar smoker for 3 decades, here is my advice from what I've learnt:

Anytime / Anywhere : Cohiba Robusto, Cohiba Siglo VI, Trinidad Topes

Breakfast - Trinidad Coloniales, Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill

Lunch / Evening Tea - Cohiba Siglo IV, Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill, Trinidad Vigia

Dinner - Cohiba Behike 56, Cohiba Piramides Extra, Partagas Lusitania

3. Do you have a favourite lounge or terrace to smoke in?

I prefer smoking in the open: gardens, beaches, terraces - a comfortable chair and I can light up. Back in the day, The Harbour Bar and Library Bar at the Taj Hotels in Mumbai were great.

Now I prefer the following:

The Arts Club, London

The Garden Room, Lanesborough, London

Churchill, Dubai 

4. What is your most memorable cigar moment?

I used to smoke at the Harbour Bar at the Taj Palace in Mumbai as a teenager and would see this suave gentleman, a barrister, I only exchanged pleasantries. A few days later I was invited to join him and he introduced me to all his friends. That was 1992, he has since been the most trusted voice.

The love for cigars transcends all barriers and you have the most unexpected people start a conversation.

5. What cigar do you think is underrated?

Partagas Culebras. A non conventional looking cigar, rarely seen but what a smoke.

A great conversation piece, a packaging to share and above all, never plugged. 

You can see Maverick's Keep and profile here