An Ambassador Answers: AMW Cigars

Cigar Keep's global community requires legendary figures from all over the world to join us in spreading the news and championing the cause of togetherness. This time we speak to our latest ambassador, AMW Cigars.

What kickstarted your passion for cigars?

Since I was little I always felt an attraction to Cuban cigars, but it was not until I was older that I tried my first cigar. Over the years I have tried lots of different cigars, which has allowed me to gain experience and knowledge within this wonderful industry and has helped me to better understand each cigar and enjoy it to the fullest. Probably the most complicated moment of the day, and the one that usually takes me the most time is deciding which cigar I am going to enjoy. I consider it very important to choose the right cigar for each occasion.

What is your favourite cigar?

Whenever I am asked about my favourite cigar, it is an impossible question to answer. I can mention some of the cigars that bring back the best memories and which I have enjoyed smoking as well as cigars that I reserve for very special moments. Among them are the Montecristo 80th anniversary, the King of the World Kon-Tiki 1973 Edition Los Andes, the Sancho Panza Sanchos, the Cuaba Diademas and the increasingly scarce Cuban Davidoff's especially the Dom Perignon.

Do you have a favourite cigar lounge or terrace to smoke in?

Just as important as choosing the right cigar, is the place where we are going to enjoy it. The place where I enjoy smoking cigars the most is the Renaissance Bar at Badrutt's Palace Hotel which is located in St. Moritz, Switzerland. During the winter season, it acquires a unique and magical atmosphere. Andrea Delvo and his entire team from the bar and the hotel in general, are always ready to provide a personalized service of the highest standard and share valuable information on the world of cigars.

What is your most memorable cigar moment?

It is in this same bar that I have been fortunate to enjoy more than one memorable experience by being able to discover cigars that could easily be museum pieces. The Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, together with Cigar Must, who is in charge of supplying the humidor, acquire Pre-Castro cigars or rarities such as as the Partagas manufactured exclusively for first-class clients of Spanish airlines in the golden years of aviation. The fact that people can still enjoy cigars like these today is a testament to the hard work and care of the Hotel.

What cigar do you think is underrated?

Perhaps if we review the cigar portfolio, I believe that the 3 formats that comprise the Maduros line of the Partagas brand No.1, No.2 and No.3 are underrated. In my opinion, the extra notes that the maturation process provides give us a very special cigar, and, as long as we smoke it at a low temperature, allowing it to rest between puffs, we will be able to have a magnificent cigar where the sweet and floral notes, so characteristic of the Maduros cigars and the Partagas brand, predominate.

You can see AMW Cigar's Keep here